Frequently Asked Questions

What is Broadband ?
The term broadband refers to a telecommunications signal of greater bandwidth, in some sense, than another standard or usual signal (and the broader the band, the greater the capacity for traffic).

Is this DSL?
DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) comes in many forms. Although wireless does not use special phone lines as other forms of DSL do, it is often referred to as Wireless Broadband.

How does this compare to Standard DSL?
Like DSL over the phone line, your connection is always on and does not tie up your voice or fax phone line (this is correct, you don't need a phone line to utilize Wireless Broadband). Wireless connections are capable of much greater speeds than DSL, up to T1 speeds or greater in both directions. DSL often has maximum speeds of 384k, and may even be slower for outbound data traffic

How does wireless compare to the new two way satellite services?
Wireless connections are capable of much greater speeds at a lower cost. Satellite connections are usually limited to 128k or 256k speeds up (outbound) and as low as 384k down (inbound). Wireless Internet connections are up to 5 times faster. Also, there are problems with latency in satellite connection which make video, teleconferencing and gaming over the Internet a problem, the data will often stop briefly because it has to travel thousands of miles to the satellite.

What equipment is needed at customer locations?
The typical installation consists of an external radio/antenna mounted to the exterior of the customer home or business. A CAT5 cable is run from the external radio to the customer computer or router. For connection to a network, or situations where the radio is far away from a PC there may be other equipment choices involved. If there are obstructions such as trees or building at the customer site a higher mast or a more powerful antenna may be required.

How does the radio interface to my PC?
The computer needs an Ethernet card and a CAT5/ CAT6 Ethernet cable to connect to the radio. A system is configured as if it were using a direct network connection to a LAN (local area network) with Internet access.

How fast will it go?
The basic rate is normally 128k or 256k. Speed is dependent on signal strength so for very long distances needing business class connections of 512k and greater a higher gain antenna or amplifier may be required.

How can I tell if wireless will work for me?
A site survey will need to be performed to evaluate the ability to use wireless where you are; and to determine your location specific needs.

How much does the hardware cost?
The cost of equipment used will vary with the individual situation. Before we install you will know your exact charges.

Is wireless Internet reliable?
We have found that it is more reliable than the DTH system. Rain, snow etc., do not impact performance.

Will I still need to keep my phone line?
Not for Internet access.

Is there a limit to the amount of traffic I can send or receive?
Typical Internet users transfer less than 5GB per month. Additional data transfer could be billed on a per MB basis. We recommend business accounts be allowed unlimited data transfer.

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